Cactus Collective is a home-grown Vintage//Handmade collaborative retail space, worshipping the many wonders of vintage as well as the insanely talented Philadelphia community of creators. Established in 2014, we are comprised of 7 collecting and creating fiends- we've got two jewelers, the whole lot of us are constantly on the hunt for killer vintage, and the shop carries an array of product from our favorite locals. Music is a heavy influence for all we do and wear and live, so we've also got an ever-growin' record selection.

We often get the question, what's with the name....did we move to Philly from the desert? Why Cactus. It's kind of a groovy multi-faceted answer. Although we carry vintage from all eras, the group is strongly rooted in music culture of the 60's & 70's, as well as the Wild West- the shop's vibe is definitely channeling road trippin' out in the desert, feeling the cosmic energy of the past and of nature that takes you over on those magical drives. To get deeper with it, the cactus represents our purpose pretty perfectly.  Cacti need nothin' besides some sunshine and the most minimal natural resources to thrive- they take almost nothing from their places in the world, and only add crazy, mysterious beauty. And that's exactly our goal in our world of vintage preservation and local, lovin' production.

Hours & Location

Located on Philly's Fabric Row
Come on in! Open every day12pm-7pm


All Sales Final. Sizing is wild, and has changed in crazy ways through time and space.

We provide essential measurements for each garment listed, and are more than happy to provide any more you may need. Feel free to reach out if you'd like any additional product information on sizing, fabric, etc. Hit us up at 


Working on something cool and need rad vintage and//or jewelry? Definitely get in touch- we've got a bunch of resources, and may have what you need even if it's not listed. 

Wanna Sell Us Your Stuff?

It's no secret we've got a ton of cool customers that have been building their own collections for years, and sometimes ya gotta make space for more! We're always interested in buying beautiful vintage, but shop hours aren't an ideal time to check out the goods. We would love to see what you've got, so email us at  send photos, and we can work out an appointment if you've got items we're lookin' for!